Working on the imaginary objectSituation 1

PerformanceKunsthalle Mannheim: Konstruktionen der Welt2019

A group of people is working on something that seems invisible. The object is characterized by what happens between people in the imagination of the observer and the actors. How the people got into this situation is not communicated. The group got into this situation and has to deal with the given means in these circumstances. Joint action is a requirement. Structures become visible in action and develop further in the meantime.

And yet everyone has their own idea of ​​the circumstances, everyone has their own questions. Complete. We have to do this together now. Approaching the complexity of the situation in order to loosen up, fix and transfer individual aspects in flowing role movements. Situational approach to social conditions. Don’t be afraid of abstract problems! We’ll work it out together. How will work look like in the future and what role does what happens between people play? How to deal with seemingly abstract issues and conflicts? Can we build communities that are capable of acting, that are able to react flexibly and flexibly to situations and shape them through their actions?

 Natalie Brueck Natalie Brück

Participants: Agnes Müller, Christian Richert, Georg Winter, Hyun Ju Do, Jan Heintz, Julia Rabusai, Julia Wagner, Katharina Hamp, Kyounghwa Sho, Marina Gesheva, Marion Cziba, Myriam Kind, Nora Veneranda Roedelstuertz

Working on the imaginary objectSituation 2

PerformanceKunsthalle MannheimKonstruktionen der Welt2019

Natalie Brück
Natalie Brück
Natalie Brueck Natalie Brück Satzstuecke
Natalie Brück

The work was created within the framework of Konstruktions der Welt, Kunsthalle Mannheim and the union of various artists as a working group VolumeV.

Volume V is an open working group that was located in the Volume V MASH Center (MASH: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) in front of the Kunsthalle in Mannheim from September 2018 to March 2019.

We research how art and economy can be rethought in public space – through interactive work, with local situations and in contact with people.

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