Performance (ca.15min), Dyad Studios, Norwich, 2017

Von Zeit zu Zeit Bodenhaftung verlieren

Betwixt and Between –Loosing Ground From Time to Time

Only on my knees, my body touches a blue carpeted oor. My knees are bent, my upper part of the body lies on my ties quiescent. The head is turned aside and looks into the camera. It oats as close as possible above the ground. I balance. Apparently autonomous, my arms move gestural. The relaxed expression of my face and the partly tense, partly loose gestures of my arms and body are antagonists who claim alternately the full attention for themselves. My hands are clenched to sts – by the end of this state, I pinch them rmly.

I remain within this position for a while, before I slowly open my hands and the former,
self-forced tension releases itself. This state continues for several moments. Then, I end this situation by slowly laying down my arms, legs and head on the ground. My gaze changes. I regain contact to the here and now. It was a state of being betwixt and between. I wasn’t really myself but also not not myself. It was a state of being vividly stuck. A program that starts, goes on for several moments and then ends. What are the different parts of my self – and how autonomously do they act? How can I get in touch with them again to influence my behavior.

Mein Blick verändert sich. Ich habe mehr Kontakt zum Hier und Jetzt. Es war ein Zustand des sowohl als auch. Ich war nicht Ich und nicht nicht Ich. Es ist ein bewegtes Feststecken. Ein Programm, dass anfängt, einige Momente anhält, und dann aufhört. Wie autonom sind die verschiedenen Teile meines Selbst? Wie gelange ich wieder in Kontakt mit ihnen und beeinflusse so auch mein Handeln?