Von Zeit zu Zeit Bodenhaftung verlieren oderBetwixt and Between– Losing Ground From Time to Time

Performance (ca.15min)Dyad StudiosNorwich2017

Only on my knees, my body touches a blue carpeted floor. My knees are bent, my upper part of the body lies on my ties quiescent. The head is turned aside and looks into the camera. It foats as close as possible above the ground. I balance. Apparently autonomous, my arms move gestural. The relaxed expression of my face and the partly tense, partly loose gestures of my arms and body are antagonists who claim alternately the full attention for themselves. My hands are clenched to fists – by the end of this state, I pinch them firmly.

My look changes. I have more contact with the here and now. It was a state of both. I was not me and not me. It’s a moving stuck. A program that begins, lasts a few moments, and then stops. How autonomous are the different parts of my self? How do I get in contact with them again and thus influence my actions?