Sticking–a speechplay

idea, text, voice: Natalie BrückHrsg: Hammann von Mier Verlag, MünchenGrafik: Joana Sonnhoff2019

Natalie Brueck

Reading (english premiere), group exhibition Hot Mess,Prince Charles Berlin, 2020

Natalie Brück

A play about to stick, to run fast, to not want to get stuck, repeated sound failures, production rooms, become more flexible! The piece only exists in spoken form (MP3 file / readings). It doesn’t want to get written down. The text is performed by varying intonation, tempos and vocal coloring.

“And I have to come back to the point where I didn’t understand anything about it. That was again too milky, almost pudding-like. Hire someone who screams! “

The speaking piece was made possible by the ruins of Munich. Copies of the edition can be ordered at

Sticking - a speaking piece, Release Edition with reading, 30 minutes, Edition of 70, Box with Usb Stick, MP3 Data

In August 2019, Maria von Mier and I were invited to the live literature show Double Happiness on the Munich radio station 80k. Maria von Mier presented the ruins of Munich (a series of exhibitions and publications) and I performed my lecture sticking. We also heard music by Meredith Monk, Nina Hagen, Little Simz and Ebow, talked about language :), voice and friendship. Check out the show here:

Radioshow Double Happiness