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On Instagram I post short videos as @satzstuecke in which I limit myself to voice and facial expressions. These narrative fragments integrate into the feed of my followers. For example, they appear between political posts, party photos from Gallery Weekend, or dance videos. I have no influence on the composition of the feed of my followers and yet I use the videos to contact, comment, or confuse the flow of images.

Sticking– a speechplay

a speechplay

idea, text, voice: Natalie Brück
Hrsg: Hammann von Mier Verlag, München
Grafik: Joana Sonnhoff

Natalie Brueck

Reading (english premiere), group exhibition Hot Mess,
Prince Charles Berlin, 2020

Natalie Brück

A play about to stick, to run fast, to not want to get stuck, repeated sound failures, production rooms, become more flexible! The piece only exists in spoken form (MP3 file / readings). It doesn’t want to get written down. The text is performed by varying intonation, tempos and vocal coloring.

“And I have to come back to the point where I didn’t understand anything about it. That was again too milky, almost pudding-like. Hire someone who screams! “

The speaking piece was made possible by the ruins of Munich. Copies of the edition can be ordered at

Sticking - a speaking piece, Release Edition with reading, 30 minutes, Edition of 70, Box with Usb Stick, MP3 Data

In August 2019, Maria von Mier and I were invited to the live literature show Double Happiness on the Munich radio station 80k. Maria von Mier presented the ruins of Munich (a series of exhibitions and publications) and I performed my lecture sticking. We also heard music by Meredith Monk, Nina Hagen, Little Simz and Ebow, talked about language :), voice and friendship. Check out the show here:

Radioshow Double Happiness

Natalie Brueck Natalie Brück

I Hate Blue

I hate blue

Videoplay 06:12 min

Why do i hate blue? Red Blue is about facts, allegations and premonitions. It’s about doubts you have about things that are. The picture shows the convergence of the colors red and blue. A voice shows polarities. It connects the colors with properties, such as mean or exciting, and mentally draws connections to a system in which we are. In the course of the film, these classifications and properties are reversed or even blurred. Influencing. Inclusion and exclusion. Mixing. When, how and where must, can or should be acted?

Natalie Brück Natalie Brueck Satzstuecke
Natalie Brück Natalie Brueck Satzstuecke
Natalie Brück Natalie Brueck Satzstuecke


Rooms and Doors

Rooms and Doors

Video 5:17 min

The scene takes place in an old attic that is divided into several rooms. The vertical roof beam in the picture keeps the viewer at a distance. A figure with his back to / towards the viewer enters the room. She moves in a bent position, sometimes almost upright, sometimes crawling again. The figure moves from room to room. When the figure leaves the visible pictorial space, it is only audible. It re-enters the field of vision and then disappears again into the rooms.